Est. 1965, Good Company Presents:
3 Monkees Events
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3 MONKEES EVENTS creates and produces elegant, unique and memorable events. We collaborate with our clients to develop a vision for each special occasion. Our goal is simply to blow your guests minds. Our experience and ardent dedication to achieving the utmost in professionalism and satisfaction is the cause for our success. Call us today for a quote. You'll be glad you did!

  • Acrobats


  • Swing Band

    Swing Band

  • Jazz Band

    Jazz Band

  • Carolers


  • Belly Dance Twins

    Belly Dance Twins

  • DJ Dean

    DJ Dean

  • DJ Chasing Kelly

    DJ Chasing Kelly

  • DJ Kevin

    DJ Kevin

  • DJ Scotty

    DJ Scotty

  • DJ Jason

    DJ Jason

  • Emerald River Dance Troupe

    Emerald River Dance Troupe

  • Tribal Fire Dancers

    Tribal Fire Dancers

  • Flamenco Dancers

    Flamenco Dancers

  • Flamenco Guitar

    Flamenco Guitar

  • Gamesmaster Dave

    Gamesmaster Dave

  • Hypnotist Marc

    Hypnotist Marc

  • Irish Dancers

    Irish Dancers

  • Pianist Jeremy

    Pianist Jeremy

  • Fortune Teller Marguerite

    Fortune Teller Marguerite

  • Hypnotist Marc

    Hypnotist Marc

  • Top 40 Band

    Top 40 Band

  • Swami Fortune Teller

    Swami Fortune Teller

  • Tall Paul

    Tall Paul

  • Tall Paul

    Tall Paul