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VIP Tailgate at the Rose Bowl 2014

We were given the honor of producing the final BCS (Bowl Championship Series) VIP Tailgate event at Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. Next year the format for College Football Championships and bowl games enters a new era, so it was important to make this final VIP Tailgate party second to none.

Each of the four cities that had historically hosted the BCS game were the destinations of our airport themed event. Food, music and decor from each city were reprepresented. All within view of the Air Traffic Control Tower constructed to house our DJ, who colored the room with fun party music and airport announcements and sound effects.

Our involvement included:

Creating the concept, securing the sponsors, designing and building all the sets, staging, lighting, sound and dining areas. Responsible for all catering and entertainment. In charge of technical direction and event execution.

Below is a short video of the clip of the event:

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation

Jamie Oliver, Celebrity Chef and Activist and Founder of the Jamie Oliver Foundation, Called on us to “Winter Theme Up” an event for a benefit they were doing. We brought in dozens and dozens of evergreens and even made it snow! We love what Jamie is up to helping inner city kids learn about nutrition, so It was an honor to be a part of it…
Jamie Oliver Food Foundation Jamie Oliver

Biosense Webster – Holiday Party

We have provided event production services for this company for many years and they always invite us to find something new and different to entertain their employees. This year, they asked if we could produce an Irish “River Dance style” show. Take a look as the guests are treated to our dance troupe, Emerald River” that actually includes two members of the original River Dance troupe! When it was all done, our DJ Jason got the crowd up and on the dance floor! Our production included:
  • Staging
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Logistics with the venue
  • Itinerary
  • Dance Troupe Emerald River
  • Disc Jockey Jason
YouTube Preview Image

VIP Tailgate at the Rose Bowl

We produced this fabulous VIP tailgate at the Rose Bowl for about 3,000 football fans. The guests were having such a good time, many of them almost missed the kickoff because they didn”t want to leave the party! Our involvement in the produciton included:
  • The creation of the concept
  • The sponsors
  • The set design
  • The catering
  • The entertainment
  • The staging
  • The lighting
  • The sound
  • The itinerary
  • The technical direction of all elements for the execution of the event
Great Review from the Tournament of Roses Committee (click here or below) Letter of Recommendation

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